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Tue, 05/30/2006 - 12:51pm -- Lura202
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I was wondering (and assuming Im getting a callback..) what should I wear to the interview?

Should I just go casual... black (fitted) tee, plain jeans, and heels? or? should I go all dressed up? Because I want to feel comfortable...but I also want to get the job. Any advice will be nice.

and also. I'm 18, and have NO kind of work experience. Ive never volunteered or had a job although I do help my mom out with her childcare business from time to time...that doesn't count..right?

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Hi Lura, my name is Ryan and they just started hiring sixteen yearr olds in my area (me being one thats been interviewed). Well im very social and been told many times I have leadership skills, and as you may not like my advice being sixteen, my father is a CEO for a VERY large company (leaving unamed) and interviews constantly with over 30 years experiance. Ive gotten all my tips from him and time thinking. (Ill tell you about my interview and where im at after the advice)

The main thing you want to show is confidence. This can be a problem especially because normally the interviews take place inside with people all around. Maintain eye contact as much as possible, most likely he (/her interviewing you) will look off once or twice and just maintain eye contact. Make sure to have thought about questions before hand. About your question on casual or fashionable, I would say something you feel comfortable in that has a nice look that your going on an average date to the movies (not trying to turn the guy on ;) ). Another thing alot of managers (interviewers) look for is how social you on, one of the number one things people turn away people being interviewed is because at one point the person interviewing you will ask, "Do you have any questions for me?" If you say no they will pry lose interest in you almost immediatly. Be prepared to question him maybe why he likes working here, what he thinks good qualities are in a person, what starbucks can do for you (lots of benefits). Try to smile, while hes talking in between every other or so pause confirm what hes saying by saying "Yes, awesome, alright, excellant".

Now ill tell you how my interview went this last Saturday:

I had turned in my application the at a differant starbucks nearby but ended up going to a differant one (still close, they bumped me over). Received a call a week from turning it in and told him my name, set up a time, and thanked him. I ran over what I would say, why I think I would be good at this job, why I want this job (even though I would like the cash, it would be a GREAT experiance to work at such a good company, especially considering I did research and fortune magazine said it was the second largest company that would be great to work for). Walking into the starbucks, I wore (being a guy) an american eagle blue short sleeve shirt, on top of that a collared long sleeve blue striped shirt, preppy very slightly ripped jeans (no skin showing , only two extremely small scratches) and my kicks. I asked the guy making the drinks if the guy who called me was there, he said yes, I told him my name and why I was there and he said "Thats me, but I wont be interviewing you today, let me go get him". Before leaving me he stopped and asked me for a drink. I told him I was alright but thanks. He asked if I sure, ya im pretty sure, not really thirsty. Sure? Ya Im alright thanks. He asked me about four times, I would have said yes because he seemed pushy but I wasnt just going to change my mind showing I wasnt sure about myself. He went in the backroom and I thought how it was pry a trick question so if he asked one more time Id say "You've convinced me" and ordered my normal drink showing that Ive been to starbucks before. A girl came out right after he went in and asked me the same question, I said Alright sure (even though I was standing no where near the line with around 5-6 people in it). She skipped making everyone elses drink and made mine, I asked her if I had to pay and she said no, I thanked her and then was introduced to the guy interviewing me. Keeping eye contact, making small chat on how the day was, we then sat down for the interview where he had another employee who was soon to be an asst. manager watch him interview me and I accepted saying it was fine. He asked me the basic questions, he really liked my community service as he asked me to explain what I did etc. He asked me If i had questions for him and I did. He told me to enjoy my drink and I shook both their hands thanking them for the opportunity. (ANOTHER IMPORTANT THING, Pressure him into telling you when you can receive a call) I said "Can I expect a call within the next week?" He told me yes by Wednesday after he talked with another manager. Telling him to have a nice day I headed back to the car. The interview lasted 15-20 minutes (but you have to remember it takes two interviews before you work at starbucks). I got home and alot of family friends were over for a barbeque and I hopped in the pool. Two hours later I got a call on my home phone and he told me "The interview went great, I really liked you and would like to set up a second interview". In the end, just be yourself and know what your doing, research it, think about it, relax and be confident.

Wish me luck on my second interview this Saturday, this time Ill be more prepared then last time. And the childcare you helped with should def be a plus (as my community service was). Hope I helped, Ryan.

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That was a great Tip from a 16 year old,I am 26 hoping to have a Part time job at Starbucks Philippines.I am medical student as well. My Main cncern is my speech defect,I have nasal thwang its getting better as it is, since it is surgery corrected. I want to work at Starbucks to Improve my life,Hoping that the people here in My country fr. STarbucks, see's me , as I believe equally as I would be seen in The USA..pls watch Miss UNiverse on July 22 9pm NBC

Thanks and pls. wish me luck

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Btw, got the job. They called me a day after my 2nd interview. Wow its awesome. I love starbucks. Had me making drinks the first day, make sure u can learn fast lol