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Thu, 04/27/2006 - 7:37am -- Intimici
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Hi everyone,

Im currently a Barista and my manager encouraged me to apply for the shift supervisor position, he will interview me on saturday then the district manager will interview me afew days after that.

Can anyone help me, because i dont really know what kind of questions to expect. I know that they will ask me questions that will put me in scenarios. I get quite nervous in interviews although i try to hide it except my voice gives way and quivers... that is why i would really like to prepare myself for this position. My manager believes in me that i will sail through the interview.. but I still want to prepare myself for what might be asked.

I would reeeeeeeeally appreciate any comments left...

Thank you =)

Submitted by SarahMurdoch on

First, breath, breath, breath ..... be calm
Second, if your manager asked you to interview for this position, it means they believe you can do it.
Third, be truthful and thoughtful in your answers. If you do not know what you would do in the "real issues" questions ask them what they are looking for (clarification).
Fourth, make sure you are clean and well groomed during your interview.
Fifth, be calm, be calm .....
Sixth, if you still have your first training manual. go over it to refresh your memory.
Seventh, watch the other shift supervisors and glean all you can from their performances before the interview. Ask them questions, they might have some good answers.
Remember, be honest.

Submitted by Intimici on

Hi Sarah, thank you ever so much for your responce. I have only been a barista for a few days... when i first handed in my application he assumed i was applying for the shift supervisor position but instead as i have no kind of supervisory experience i applied for the barista psotion. He was dissappointed and encouraged me to go for the supervisor position. As i havent been with the company for long i have not been able to watch and take notes. I met the current supervisor (who if i do get this job will be working with) for the first time yesterday and that was for probably 3 hours. Even this i was on the shop floor and he was in the office. I will be coming in on saturday to do a 4 hour shift.. but i am assuming that 30-45 mins of it i will be interviewed by my manager. So once again i dont think i have time to observe the supervisor.

I am always well groomed even when working on the shop floor but thanks for the reminder =P

Im just worried that they will shoot me with some questions.. and ill be so gobsmacked.. i'll reply with "ummm... errrrr" My barista interview was straight forward for me but i think that bc i am now going for this supervisor interview in such a short space of time I feel i dont have so much confidence in this interview.

If you dont mind me asking, what's your role in starbucks?

Kind regards,


Submitted by SarahMurdoch on

Just a reminder, your manager knows you do not have "longevity" with SB. You must have a spark that has him ask you to apply for the upgrade position. In my story most baristas are there for about three months (unless there is experience) before being promoted (or being interviewed).
Good luck ..... breath .....

Submitted by Intimici on

Hi Sarah,

I really appreciate your support *smiles* and it was a nice reminder that you gave me.