I need to file a complaint against my manager, help please!

Sat, 04/01/2006 - 5:41pm -- phillycoffeeslave
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Our store has a fairly new manager and everything has seriously gone to poop since she took over - our sales are lower, more than half of our staff has quit within the past 2 months, and shifts are more often than not, completely chaotic. And on top of that, with all these new hires, old partners are getting less and less hours each week. Where can partners go to get information on filing complaints about their superiors?

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Call the employee 800 # and make sure you document all that is said in case they try to retaliate.

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Or alternatively, you can email them at businessconduct@starbucks.com . Be sure to provide your store number and address and name of your manager.

But don't let them trace the email message to you! They will retaliate against you as an employee!

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You need to make sure that if you call the number or e-mail them, that you don't give them your name or partner number, partners have made complaints in one of my stores and my DM told my manager who was making them... don't trust them.
good luck, you have a long road ahead of you

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Be sure to give them your store number and location, but call from a payphone, and don't let them trace the email to your ISP/home computer. Best to call---if you email, you probably will not get a response. But if you call, they will probably ask why you will not give them your name or partner number. Tell them it's because other partners from other stores have given their name and partner number and were retaliated against!

By the way, make sure that your manager/shift supervisor is giving your meal periods and rest periods as REQUIRED by state law. Most states require that meal periods and rest periods be given as close to the middle of the shift as reasonable. Rest periods are required to be paid and uninterrupted. Meal periods are unpaid, and you MUST be allowed to leave the premises if you are unpaid! If you are on-call or not required to leave the store, you MUST be paid for the ENTIRE meal period, and you MUST be allowed to sit down and eat a meal! If the managers and/or shift supervisors EVER violate labor laws, get this witnessed and fully document these instances (date, time, hours worked), and seek legal action and contact the Department of Labor, Wage and Hour Division!