POLL: How much do you get paid at Starbucks as Barista?

Wed, 12/07/2005 - 2:04pm -- parisdepaul
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Put your hourly and city!

I get $9.50/hour in Chicago, IL

Submitted by Liber8R on

$7.85/ hour Chicago, IL

without our brain and muscle not a single wheel can turn...

Submitted by wageslave on

8.60 / hr nyc

with my rasie coming up soon i may be making a whooping 8.77 YEAH!!! at 30 hours a week thats an extra $5 a week - one more drink barkeep!

Submitted by maxine on

Good God.

Part time $4.50 and full time $5 Malaysian. (That's about $1.32 in US currency) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


I feel so underpaid.

Submitted by litexxcarameloh... on

We start at $7.25 in the Atlanta Metro area, I got a raise so I am earning a whopping $7.43.

Submitted by tripleventiunderpaid on

$6.75/hour in Chattanooga, TN.

I had no idea anyone had ever formed a union for Starbucks...suddenly I feel like I work for Wal-Mart...lol...

Submitted by litexxcarameloh... on

It seems to me that the folks in Chicago and NYC are really taking a hit. I know that baristas in Atlanta Metro suffer. After all, the cost of living is about 3 times the amount in Atlanta Surburbia. NYC is one of my favorite places but wouldn't live there because of cost of living. I suspect that it is more than $1 per hour.

Submitted by defendrights-de... on

I make $8.69/hour in Manhattan which is $.19 more than I made a year and half ago. Plus about a dollar an hour in tips. My friends think we make alot more in tips than $25/week

Submitted by MarthaA562 on

I don't want to hear it about low wages from anyone. I happen to be a store manager from Charleston, SC. I came to Starbucks for the excellent health benefits. My partners start out at 6.75 an hour because we are grouped in with Alabama and Montana. Yes, I know South Carolina is somewhat rural compared to larger cities, but in Charleston, we pay about $1000 a month for a 1 bedroom apartment. I started out as a barista, working a full time job, even with management pay(which is based on location, I make about $10,000 less than managemt from larger cities), I struggle. Its because they count the outlying areas (i.e. the "country") to determine our cost of living. It is something I have been fighting for years. As a management partner, I understand... but if you have a problem with it.... work for McDonalds... after all, will that small town coffee shop offer you health insurance... or benefits?? Try and work at Burger King... See if you like it or if they treat you better.

Submitted by litexxcarameloh... on

Burger King doesn't make claims about being one of the best companies to work for in America. They don't claim to give even part time employees benefits. Benefits are so touted but eligibility just doesn't exist for most partners. Obviously, Managers are different. You get your hours. You make $10,000 less? Some of us don't make $10,000 period. There is no rhyme or reason for the way hours are divided. Too many people, not enough hours to dole out. It is a game. Obviously, Burger King doesn't require the same level of bend over backwards customer service, and Christmas rushes with limited staff while saying please and thank you and keeping the place clean. You are comparing apples to oranges.

Say hi to Melissa, we were happy to send her to Charleston. She can explain how she did things.