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Fri, 11/04/2005 - 7:59pm -- Little Sarah
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Good day all Starbucks employees & Starbucks lovers, I'm looking for some help. I WANT so badly to work at Starbucks here in London Ontario Canada and would greatly appreciate anyone's help. You see, I would be perfect for this job, however I freeze at 'interview time'. I think that if I was totally ready for the questions I could ace it. If anyone out there could give me specific questions and possible answers or at least examples of answers I would be greatly appreciative. you are also welcome to email them to me personally.

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Submitted by Cadence on

My advice to you is this:

1. Make sure you have a very open availability. If you're a student or this is a second job, this doesn't disqualify you. However, you are much more likely to get hired if you say you can work whenever they can schedule you.

2. Since you want to work there so badly, I assume you've been in a Starbucks many times before. Make sure you tell the person interviewing you that. Think of two or three things you like most about coming there and mention them. If the coffee is one of those things, that makes it even better.

3. Showing up in dress code even though you don't have the job yet is a plus. I've seen people that do everything I've already suggested but show up with nose rings and crazy hair not get a job. You've seen the partners in the store, dress in something similar to create the idea that you are already working towards creating the Starbucks image in yourself. Dresscode is often a problem in many stores. A hiring manager would welcome the idea that he is about it hire one more person that he doesn't have to worry about in this manner.

4. I don't know how much you want to make a career out of Starbucks, but if you are make sure you say that. Starbucks is in the business of training managers and warms up to people who aren't afraid to get trained to run thier own stores. Keep in mind Starbucks opens up 3-5 stores every 24 hours all over the globe. They need people to run these places and unfortunately they sometimes hire monkeys off the street to do that. It's never pretty when they do, so someone who's actually worked in a store before is preferable in every way.

Well, that's all I've got for you. I wish you luck in your interview and working for this great company.

Submitted by jackk763 on

I just finished my interview today, and was notified that I got the job.

The questions they asked me in the interview were:
* "Tell us about yourself". So, start general, but don't waste time -- have some specific things to say about your work/education history.
* "Your resume shows a lot of strengths. Tell us about one of your weaknesses". Have something loosely related to the job. But not something that would affect your performance. I said "Sometimes I try and do too much at one time." and gave an example from my studies.
* "Give us an example of how you've delivered excellent customer service in your most recent job."
* "Do you have any experience with coffee/food service?"
* "What questions do you have for us?" I asked about the share discount plan. It's OK to ask about something you're already well aware about, but having no questions looks bad.

As mentioned earlier, being flexible with your availability is seen as a REAL plus. So, when they ask about availability/overtime/etc., ask them what suits them... and just... well.... come across as flexible, rather than someone who's trying to cram the job around all the other stuff they've got going on in their life.

Hope that helps! Good luck!