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Wed, 08/31/2005 - 1:10am -- skateytown
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what's crackin yall?,

I recnetly moved to Orange County , California and started at a starbucks near my mom's apartment. i've been working at starbucks for about 4 months or so... since early may, and i am now homesick and want to move back to good old ohio. dont ask me why... I was wondering hat it would take to transfer to one of the stores near my hometown. I havent been able to find much info around the store... and the partners im friends with arent real sure. I would really like to be able to keep my job since they are kind of hard to come by at home. any help would be great thanks in advance.



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I just transferred stores. Here's what I did:

I met with the store manager and discussed my time at Starbucks, etc. It was almost a mini-interview.
I began filling shifts for friends and the manager started calling me for shifts.
Eventually I was being scheduled as a phantom.
About 3 weeks after the meeting, my manager opened some emploee database on his computer, input my information, and added me as an employee to the store. It was really easy.

My old manager wasn't too happy about me leaving, but what could he do?

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If you are a barista that is a meets expectations and it is approved by both your manager and your DM, there is no "time period" that you have to wait to transfer. I will tell you this though, when I am potentially thinking about taking on a transfer, I always ask if the potential partner is a 5 star. If their manager says sometimes but not always, I will pass on that partner because I know that there are 5 stars out there, it just takes a little more work to find them. I hope that I helped you with your question and good luck!!

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That would never happen in my district, as a transfer has to be approved by all parties involved. I would question the ethics and integrity of your new manager.

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Oh, we weren't working behind his back or anything, it just made more sense with my schedule. Of course he was disappointed to lose a partner, frankly if he didn't mind losing me, I don't think I really deserve a transfer.

If a hypothetical 5-star wanted to transfer from your store, wouldn't you be bummed?

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I have only dealt with transfers from out of state coming into my store and actually, I just transferred a 5 star to help her develop into a shift supervisor spot. It gave her a new perspective and now she is promoting. I would love to transfer 5 stars, it shows that I am doing my job as a manager! :)

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It is very rare for a transfer to be approved by all parties involved if the partner has not worked for the Company for more than 6 months. I've seen it happen, though. If your situation seems to sit well with everyone involved, it'll go through. If your old manager really is butt-hurt about losing you, he'll keep you.

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company policy says that you must be employed at your currant location for 6months before you can be considered for must get the correct transfer form and have approval of both your current mgr, and dm and the new mgr and dm check the portal for the form or have yo mgr do it for you that's the computer in the back where you did your training on

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hmmm... a lot of info. I have also heard that if the transfer is for and employee of less than 6 months that it must be approved by the manager. i am supposed to fly back home at around the 1st of october, and I am not tooo sure if I should just not quit and go to the stores in ohio while im there and apply. or if i should put my 2 weeks in and quit and try and get rehired. im afraid to quit and then not be able to get hired again. i really don't know what i would do without a job at home. i would probably starve. i had went 9 months without being able to find a job... even at somewhere like burger king. i don't know why... i really don't think i am an insubordinate or a shady person. I just can't decide what to do. I am not even 100% sure if i want to stay back in ohio. if i don't have work then i can't live... another factor that adds to my confusion is that just this week. my original manager at the store taht hired me on, got transferred to a higher volume store, and now we just got a new manager and our assistant manager is supposed to be leaving at the end of the week. so i guess my new manager can't really be a charater witness and give a reccomendation especially when i will be leaving in 3 weeks if i decide to go permanently back home. I appreciate all the help and insight you all have offered. hope to make my mind up soon...