Ex-barista with an insensitive ex-manager... how can I get rehired?

Sun, 10/05/2008 - 10:10pm -- SanguineJackal
Starbucks Forum: 

Okay so I have a bit of a complex situation but please bear with me. I need some advice on what options I have, if I have any at all.

I was hired at Starbucks in town (S) last October by the current manager (who shall henceforth be referred to as K) and, at the time, we were on great terms. I was a frequent customer and when she saw the application in my hand she jumped up and interviewed me right away. Of course I was hired and received my certification after my second week of training.

Granted there was usual Starbucks drama (coworkers and managers butting heads mostly) but I stuck through it, because it was the only job I could get and I absolutely loved it. I have fairly low standards for pay rate and benefits, you see; I am a college student and just need enough to get by.

Well, K and I had a fairly good relationship; when I was going through a hard time with my family I turned to her and she gave me advice and referred me to someone who could help some more, and it worked out great. I was so grateful.

Unfortunately, a situation arose- again with the family- and I had to move 50 miles south. I was still attending college in S and commuting to and from school and work and home. I spoke to K and several shift managers many times that my shifts needed to be longer than the 4 hour ones I was getting, because it was costing me nearly 200$ a week in gas to make all the trips, and I was actually LOSING money.

After about a month of this my schedule was finally fixed (slightly) and I had some tentative arrangements with my coworker G so I could make it to work no problems on the weekends. On Friday the 13th of June (great date, huh?), I had a lot of mitigating circumstances that I really could have prevented but.... I left my cellphone in my mother's car (she being the one to drive me back and forth to town) and the ride I had arranged the night previous with G became a flop. G had no way of telling me that she had a change of plans and was going to her grandmother's house. I waited outside my classroom, where she was going to pick me up, looking for her car (mind you I was standing right in the open) but I did not know that G had called my other coworker B to come pick me up. I was not looking for him and obviously he didn't see me; about half an hour after my shift started I found a friend and called my branch in tears and told shift manager M what I knew at the time (that G hadn't showed up and I had no way of getting to work). She told me that my shifts for the weekend were covered and K had been notified, and that I was to speak with her on Monday.

So I did, I explained what had happened and K and I agreed that it just wasn't working out for the time being and that there were no hard feelings. Fine and dandy.

Well now I have a car and desperately need a job for the nights I am in S. I called my old branch and spoke to K, and asked if I was rehireable in the system. She said if it was 'attendance issues', then I wasn't. I know K can be a bit unfair as a manager (I'll not go into her reams with certain baristas at the store), so I assume I am not rehireable. However, due to the circumstances I feel this is a bit unfair. Despite my occasional tardiness (three total, one of which for being 4 minutes late and the others were after my move away), I was a fairly good employee; I stayed out of the drama and didn't "fraternize" with my fellow coworkers (save the three that were already my friends) and I almost always made my drinks correctly. I was best known for rocking out the hot bar, actually. I followed directions without question and did not complain (immediately anyways, or to higher-ups) about my writeups.

I really want to work for the company again, but if I am down as non-rehireable.... what can I possibly do?