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I have noticed that alot of people at starbucks are anti-wal-mart but seem to love starbucks.

These are two corporations with one goal - market domination. They saturate their industry, build a low-wage workforce put small business out of business and they harm local economies. They both make profits off the hard work of low paid workers around the world. They are both making a few people rich at our expense.

Everywhere in the county you can find wal-mart and Starbucks. Why Then do so many people hate wal-mart yet have a double standard toward starbucks. Is it the public relations, the brainwashing? What is it that makes some workers adore the company that exploits them.

Submitted by southbux on

I totally agree with you on that one wageslave. I was actually in Wal-Mart the other day and I heard all this hollering and commotion and I thought maybe a local union was doing some sort of direct action. But thats not what it was. As I listened more closely what I was hearing was a Wal-Mart cheer. I was unable to see the cheer because it sounded like it was coming from behind the dairy cooler.

My point being both companies realize they need to get into peoples heads or else the people are going to ask questions. People who ask questions tend to be a liability to these companies so they try and prevent you from thinking by throwing propaganda in your face.

I think what seperates Wal-Mart from Starbucks is anyone who needs to buy something cheap will go to Wal-Mart. I hate Wal-Mart but I shop there because I save a lot of money (to survive). However, Starbucks attracts or at least it would seem to me, a more liberal (at least in their own minds) customer base. A customer base that wants to get a guilt free cup of coffee. They don't want to get their coffee from a company that union busts, a company that takes advantage of farmers,
a company that doesn't care about the environment.

It is clearly in Starbucks best interests to put out propaganda whether its true or not saying that they take care of their own and everyone within their field of influence. With Wal-Mart its gotten to the point where there is not a whole lot of choice for us bargain shoppers so they can be big and bad as they want to (and its very sad that we've (myself included) let it come to that.

With Starbucks, there is a choice and always will be a choice. The choice is either the independent down the street or maybe just skipping the four dollar cup of coffee. Social responsibility for Starbucks is not something they want to do. It is something they must do or at least prentend to do in order to survive.

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I've talked to a bunch of workers at Wal-mart and their situation is pretty much on par with ours. Although it seems like they do get more hours than we do at Starbucks. Starbucks is just slicker with public relations.

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I love wal-mart! cheap prices! I don't make much at starbucks so my dollar goes far there... unlike those expensive "UNION" supermarkets!! Anyone out there ever compare prices? HUMMM.... see a pattern? If starbucks paid employees like those some of those $25.00/hour checkers at the union grocery stores then a mocha might cost more than $10.00. THIS IS A CAPITALIST country. "SUPPLY AND DEMAND" Any of you stay awake in school?

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Have you been to a walmart lately?

At least the SBUX partners I know are friendly, engaged, and generally happy with their jobs.

While perhaps there is good PR inflating the SBUX commitments to social responsibilty, I find it ridiculous to compare it with the practices of Starbucks. Have you read the FACTS part of the social responsibility report.

What about the environmental stuff...recycled cups, etc.
Benefits at 240 hours/qr (20 hrs a week)??????
The stock and 401k available to all hourly employees

Um, coffee pickers are lower wage...they are in 3rd world countries? Have you been to the third world and stuff is CHEAP there!!!

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The latest social responsiblity report is an object for great scrutiny and can effectively be debunked by anyone who looks a little bit past the skewed statistical information and flowery wording.

What suprises me is that a lot of people who work at Starbucks don't see the information that Starbucks puts out for what it is - corporate propaganda. If that term is a little to Socialist for you then lets call it what it really, really is - bullshit.

Now I know its easier for all of us to trust our employers, kiss our employers collective butt, and trust in with all our hearts what they tell us. But thats a mistake workers from slaves on up have been making since the beggining of time.

All I ask of you drance201 is when you ask people if they have read the FACTS in the corporate social responsiblity report that you know for a FACT that it is in FACT, FACTS you are using to back your arguement. I'm not saying to hate Starbucks or even that they are out and out liars. But make sure you are looking very close at all facts and all perspectives.

Just like you can't the most accurate and unbiased news from one news source you can't just go waving around a little brochure provided for our more socially aware customers saying this is indisputable information.

Be educated.

Submitted by Mo® on

[quote=wageslave]These are two corporations with one goal - market domination.[/quote]

There is nothing wrong with that.

[quote=wageslave]they harm local economies.[/quote]

Starbucks certainly hasn't impacted any local economy anywhere. We can go on for days about Wal-Mart impacting local econiomies, but you'd run out of data to support your argument after five minutes.

[quote=wageslave]What is it that makes some workers adore the company that exploits them.

It's the crack cocaine that they put in the Frappachinos. Yum.

Submitted by southbux on

Please provide data proving that both Starbucks and Wal-Mart market saturation strategies don't harm local economies. For someone so big into data and numbers and statistics you sure haven't produced much.

Submitted by Mo® on

The original poster said they both harm local economies. I said we can argue about it. Then you asked me to prove it. I can't. To prove something like that is impossible.

Here's a paper on it though from the Office of Social and Economic Trend Analysis at Iowa State.

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The comparison between the two companies is more interesting when you consider the fact that the current cheif executive officer, Jim Donald, who recently replaced Orin Smith, has a retail background. Where did he come from? Walmart.....

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Isn't that a trip? The Wal-Martians have landed on the planet of the Starbots. The effects have already started to set in I can see in the zapping of the pro-union baristas. I guess we better tell Mr. Donald to phone home because the baristas are on to him. We need to let him know that he needs to take his union busting attitude back to to Wal-Martia where he came from because we aren't going to have it.