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Mon, 01/29/2007 - 10:40pm -- kreizyidiot
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Hey... I was just newly hired at the Starbucks at my Target. I was wondering if the benefits are with Starbucks (discounts on stocks, free drinks when working...etic...) or with the store benifetis...

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Umm..You can't ask a co worker this?

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I was wondering the same thing--I recently got hired on to a Starbucks in a genuardi's (safeway--they own vons etc) and I have no idea. I know that I get a store discount as an employee for the supermarket and I have only completed computer training alone so I havent had a chance to ask.
I figure, I dont want to make it seem like that's the only thing Im looking for, so I figure they'll let me know (hopefully)

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Same with me, i just had orientation today but i didn't have a chance to ask. i hope it's sbux cause i want the free coffee lol. do you guys know yet. if you do, especially the target person cause thats where i'm at, then tell me.

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Licensed workers don't receive Starbucks benefits. You will receive the benefits of your employer (Safeway, Target, Krogers, Randalls, Barnes & Noble, etc.)

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aww...well that sucks. in this case all i get really is 10% off of target stuff.

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Nope, you're not a starbucks parter if you are working in a starbucks inside of a safeway, target, airport or anything like that. You would be an employee of the safeway, target, or airport.
If you want to work at a starbucks work at an actual one! It's so much better.