STARBUCKS INFAMY: IWW Organizer Daniel Gross Terminated for Union Activity!

Sat, 08/05/2006 - 4:15pm -- SWU

Update 04-03-07

Labor Board Files Complaint Against Starbucks on Illegal Firing of Daniel Gross

New York Times Reports on the Complaint 

Update 10-07-06

Images of CNT-F Solidarity Action in Paris for the IWW Starbucks Workers Union

Update 10-06-06

UAW Public Interest Lawyers in Brooklyn Support IWW Boycott of Starbucks

Update 09-06-06

German Union, FAU-IAA, Stands With Fired IWW Baristas

Update 08-31-06

SEIU Local 707 supports IWW organizing at Starbucks and endorses boycott. 

Update 08-29-06

Wobblies hit the streets in front of the DuPont Circle Starbucks in Washington D.C. passing out over 300 flyers and getting over 50 petition signatures. 

Update 08-25-06

Union of Starbucks Workers in New Zealand Condemns Termination of Daniel Gross

Amalgamated Lithographers of America Local One, a Teamsters affiliate, endorses the boycott against Starbucks warning the coffee giant that, "the whole world is watching, and you are being judged."

The Korean Teachers Union (Incheon International Working Group) calls for the reinstatement of Daniel Gross and, "fully and unequivocally support the efforts of the IWW Starbucks Workers Union to represent and defend the rights of all Starbucks employees." 

Update 08-18-2006:

UK Indymedia: Bradford IWWs Defend Fired Starbucks Union Organizer

Update 08-15-2006

UAW Local 2334 urges members not to purchase Starbucks products and pledges support for informational leaflets in the Metro Detroit area.  "We hope that you will soon realize that being anti-union is not only wrong but will also hurt your bottom line."

Update 08-14-2006:

The National Lawyers Guild, the United States' largest bar association of progressive lawyers, has called for a boycott of Starbucks until all the fired IWW baristas are reinstated.

The Boston Wobblies are hosting a benefit concert for the IWW Starbucks Workers Union on September 9th.  Details here.

Update 08-12-2006:

A solidarity leaflet for the fired baristas is now available for download.  Print it out and share it with Starbucks workers and customers!  Welcome to social movement unionism: community members united to organize the world's largest coffee chain.  


1) Solidarity actions with the fired baristas have taken place in Germany, Austria, the British Isles, and the United States.  Take action in your local community!  Plus, please participate in the e-mail action.

2) Fundraisers to support escalated organizing at the coffee chain are being planned in several cities.  Consider holding a fundraiser in your neck of the woods!

3) Groups including the Canadian Union of Postal Workers are taking a strong stand for the right of Starbucks workers to organize.  Send solidarity statements to and cc:

4) The national convention of Students for a Democratic Society has voted to co-sponsor the Justice from Bean to Cup! campaign launching on campuses this Fall.  To get involved e-mail

5) Latest Media:

Workers Independent News on the termination of IWW baristas:

Journalist Doug Cunningham discussing the IWW stuggle at Starbucks on Air America's "Thom Hartmann Program":

Associated Press- Starbucks Fires Union Organizer:

Anya Kamenetz at The Huffington Post- Starbucks Labor Revolutionary Canned :

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August 5, 2006

The Starbucks "investigation" of IWW member Daniel Gross concluded today with his termination after more than three years of organizing at the company. Daniel's expression of solidarity at a union picket line with co-worker and fellow union member, Evan Winterscheidt, was deemed threatening by Starbucks despite multiple eyewitnesses who confirm that Daniel merely asserted to District Manager Allison Marx that Evan should not be fired. With the termination of IWW members Daniel Gross, Evan Winterscheidt, Joe Agins Jr., and Charles Fostrom in less than a year, Starbucks has demonstrated conclusively its intense hostility to the right of workers to join a union.

To provide additional cover for the unlawful termination, Starbucks issued Daniel a blatantly discriminatory performance review today with negative ratings for things like, "not communicating partner morale issues to the Store Manager." The manager confirmed that morale issues included complaints about wages and working conditions. Last we checked, an employer may not mandate an employee to engage in surveillance of co-worker's protected activities.

Far from breaking our campaign, Starbucks has done the opposite. The current and former Starbucks workers who proudly carry the red Industrial Workers of the World membership card vow to redouble our efforts to achieve an independent voice on the job. The right to free association at work is fundamental and not subject to compromise. But to vindicate our right to union membership, we need support from you, the working class; the class that built this society with our sweat and indeed with our blood.

The multinational retailers like Wal-Mart, Starbucks, and Borders seek totalitarian control of the workplace. The way forward to rein in these massive corporations is a social movement of workers and community members. The Wobblies at Starbucks have proven that by taking direct action against the company over issues of concern to workers and by avoiding the skewed certification process of NLRB elections, baristas can improve their lives on and off the job. This strategy only works however, if the company incurs significant economic, political, and social costs when it violates the right to organize by terminating workers for union activity.

Take action with us sisters and brothers. Together we will win:

1) Do not spend your hard earned money at Starbucks until the company respects the right of workers to organize and reinstates Daniel Gross and the rest of the IWW baristas. Let the company know you are taking a stand by participating in the email action:

2) Obtain a resolution or pledge from your community group, labor union, or house of worship agreeing to stay way from Starbucks products until justice is done. Please send copies to

3) Hold a rally or leafleting action at Starbucks in support of the right to organize and in defense of the fired union baristas if you feel that's appropriate in your local community. Please check in with the baristas at the store before hand to involve them in the action.

4) If you are a student, join the Justice from Bean to Cup! campaign launching this Fall to ensure Starbucks doesn't operate on campuses without reinstating the IWW baristas, respecting the right to organize, and making a meaningful commitment to Fair Trade. Get involved by e-mailing

5) Make a financial contribution to the IWW Starbucks Workers Union to ensure a continued independent voice for employees at the world's largest coffee chain. Send checks made out to "IWW Starbucks Workers Union" or well-concealed cash to:

IWW Starbucks Workers Union
347 Maujer St. Apt. #C
Brooklyn, NY 11206