Unfair Labor Practices Settlement With Starbucks

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The IWW Starbucks Workers Union won a watershed victory over unfair labor practices in a conflict between the world's largest coffee chain and the baristas who work there. Faced with the prospect of having its widespread union-busting campaign exposed in a public hearing, Starbucks agreed to remedy all of the myriad violations committed against workers who have organized a union.

Some highlights of the National Labor Relations Board settlement with Starbucks include:

  • The reinstatement of IWW members, Sarah Bender and Anthony Polanco, who had been discharged for their union activity in order to discourage other workers from making a free and fair choice about whether to join the union.
  • The invalidation of Starbucks' national policy that prohibited the sharing of written union information and joining the union on company property.
  • The invalidation of Starbucks' national no-pin policy. Workers had been banned from wearing IWW pins and had been sent home from work without pay for refusing to take them off.
  • An agreement by Starbucks to end threats, bribes, and surveillance of union members.
  • What would have been a relatively hefty backpay award against Starbucks was reduced because the IWW assisted its discharged members in obtaining other employment which mitigates damages under the National Labor Relations Act. Still, the company will pay out almost $2,000.
  • And much more: click here for printable .pdf of the settlement.