Come Together for Good Jobs at Starbucks

We, the undersigned, are coming together for workers. We call on Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz to implement the following urgently-needed reforms:

1) A Raise to $15/hr - Raise starting wages to $15/hr, pay all partners at least $15/hr, and abolition of pay caps.

We need to make enough to be financially independent so we can get our own apartments, have money for textbooks, afford that doctor’s co-pay, keep our phones turned on, keep our homes heated, have enough food in the fridge and be able to send money to our families

2) An End to Understaffing - Enough hours for all work to be done at a reasonable, safe pace.

We want enough people working on the floor for once! Playbook isn’t cutting it – more workers, less stress, fewer customer complaints, more hours

3) Paid Sick Days - Partners should accrue one paid hour of sick time for every twenty hours worked.

Only baristas and shifts in a few states get sick pay – yet every single one of us can get sick. Expand this vital benefit to include all partners

4) Guaranteed hours + the option of working full time - All partners should be guaranteed a set number of hours based on their needs and have the option of working a full 40 hours a week.

No more scrambling and begging for hours. It’s time for employment we can depend on

5) Respect - Partners should be able to refuse service to abusive customers and repeat offenders should be banned.

Let’s return home from work with our integrity intact. We all deserve dignity and respect. Customers, fellow partners, and management should all be held accountable for mistreatment and abuse. These behaviors can no longer be tolerated


Sign the petition and share it with your friends- let's come together for workers!


If you work at Starbucks, your name will not be shared with the company. Your right to sign this petition is protected by law.